August 05, 2018

Rahal's Earliest Memories Revolve Around (Surprise!) Racetracks

Graham Rahal, the son of three-time Indy car champion and 1986 Indianapolis 500 winner Bobby Rahal, recalls growing up at racetracks, as he told writer Phillip B. Wilson. Graham was born in January 1989.

Wilson: What’s your earliest childhood memory? Where were you?

Rahal: My earliest memories were always at a racetrack. Those are what stood out to me the most.

Wilson: What did a young Graham like to do?

Rahal: For me, it was always Mid-Ohio. I loved going up to Mid-Ohio and taking my buddies up there. I still do. It’s my favorite time of the year because, for me, I go back and I used to terrorize Thunder Alley. I still am, in a very different way, but I still am. Those are some of my earliest memories. I would say a lot of my earliest memories were at the racetrack because that’s where I always enjoyed spending my time.

Wilson: You have a different band of friends that way?

Rahal: Yeah, for sure, without a doubt. Still, a lot of my buddies from those times, a bunch of them are …all still around and a part of it. You always have your home friends and your track friends. I was very lucky over the years that those kind of merged in many ways.

Wilson: Was it a great day when Dad won, or it didn’t matter what the result was?

Rahal: To be honest, I never paid attention.

Wilson: You were into your own thing?

Rahal: Pretty much.

Wilson: What else can you tell me about childhood?

Rahal: Other than going to the racetracks, it was normal.

Wilson: What did Mom (Debi) tell you?

Rahal: About what?

Wilson: Anything. About life, growing up.

Rahal: Mom was always the life of the party. She was always the fun one. Dad would come home and everything was very serious. When Mom was around, we just had a good time. Always.

Wilson: You get a lot of your personality from her?

Rahal: Yeah, a good amount of it. She’s a good time. I definitely take from her side in a lot of ways.


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