IndyCar Driver Reveals Stunning Purple Ford GT

IndyCar Driver Reveals Stunning Purple Ford GT

Vaughn Gittin Jr. recently became one of the privileged few to own the new Ford GT, and it didn't take him long to burn some rubber. But while the professional drifter ordered his GT in an unassuming shade of grey, American racing driver Graham Rahal opted for a far less subtle color for his recently-acquired Ford GT.

When sharing photos of his new ride on Instagram, the IndyCar driver said he wanted the car to "be bold" and "stand out from the ordinary" He's certainly achieved that, because his Ford GT is finished in a very vibrant shade of purple. It's easily the most eye-catching Ford GT we've seen yet.

The custom color was created by Axalta and is based on Lamborghini's Viola Parsifae color. To make the car stand out even more, the purple hue has a pearlescent finish that makes the color look lighter in the sun and darker in the shade, while the silver stripes provide a striking contrast.

Rahal hasn't finished customizing his GT yet, either. In the Instagram post, he says he's looking for a new set of wheels to "preserve those carbons." He'll also work with Xpel to cover the car in paint protection to preserve the purple hue.

This isn't the only supercar in Rahal's collection with an eye-catching color. The IndyCar driver also owns the first Porsche 911 GT2 RS finished in Amethyst Metallic, as well as a bright green Porsche 918 Spyder. Other exotic cars in his collection include a Acura NSX, and a Ferrari F12tdf.